October 29, 2021

Tees that look the part and feel like tees you’ve seen before are not the only way to get your hands on these popular tees.

While it’s great to see that Etsy is taking a page out of the jewelry store game by offering a handful of tees to go along with your favorites, there are some tees that will appeal to more of a DIY crowd.

The tees below are all affordable, which means they will likely fit in the budget, but if you can find them for less, they’ll certainly be worth the splurge.


The “I Want to Be Like You” Collection tees are made from 100% organic cotton, and are currently on sale for $24.99 each.

The collection features designs from designer Sophie Clements, including this cute “I” tee.

The designs feature a classic silhouette with the phrase “I want to be like you,” which is a perfect way to showcase your personality in a simple and cute way.

It also includes some of the most popular styles, such as a cropped top, a long sleeve, and a button-up.

You can find the collection in its entirety for $25.99.


The Vintage T-Shirt is available for $15.99 at Etsy, and features designs of classic Americana with some of today’s best t-shirts, such a tee from vintage clothing store Zebra &c.

The vintage t-shirt is available in sizes XS-XL and features the vintage silhouette, along with a classic and contemporary feel.

The shirt is available now for $13.99, and you can purchase the shirt online at zebraandc.com.


The C-shaped Tee is a teespring favorite that features designs by designer Stephanie Bowers and her husband, designer John Dolan, as well as vintage silhouettes from Zebra&c.

There are currently two sizes of the tee available for sale, and the price is $15 for the C-shape and $12 for the S-shape.


The Pussy Hat is available at Etsy for $10.99 and features design by artist Lauren Mollison, along side other designs by designers from the clothing and home furnishings industry.

There is currently a sizing chart available for the hat, and it’s available now.


The Hot Tea is available from Etsy for the price of $10, which is $10 less than the C shirt.


The V-neck Tee is available as a $10 off, and includes a classic design with an all-over print, along to a classic, classic silhouette, and classic and modern designs, as you would expect from a tee made with 100% natural cotton.


The Chunky Tee is $14.99 for the classic design and features a classic print, a vintage silhouette with a vintage look, and an all over print, with the vintage print featuring a floral pattern and vintage and contemporary prints.


The Classic Puffy Tee is an $14 off tees from designer Krista Fenton, featuring a vintage design with a contemporary silhouette, plus a classic &c print.


The Retro Chunky Shirt is an upcoming tees collection for designer Stephanie Kinsman, and is available to purchase for $14 for the vintage and $14, plus the retro &c, classic print.


The Moccasin Tee is currently on a limited supply at Etsy with designs by fashion designer Stephanie Wohlmann, along along with vintage silhouette designs, and vintage tees by designers.

There’s currently a size chart available.

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