October 27, 2021

When you need a new box, you’re going to want to check out a quality, low-cost service from a local jeweler that specializes in jewelry repair. 

“I was surprised by how many of these folks were here on the first day,” said Mike Mihalik, a longtime jewelry box owner.

“I think they’re the ones that will be here until the end of the year.”

Mihalek said his business has seen an increase in customers, but he still hasn’t seen a surge in demand. 

He said the jewelry repair service offered by the Wal-Marts is more affordable than the one he has at home. 

There’s also a huge variety of colors, sizes, styles and prices for everything from jewelry to earrings to bracelets and necklaces.

“If you don’t have anything to lose, I would definitely recommend it,” he said.

The company offers two service options for the customer who is looking to replace their old jewelry box.

They can buy a box and get it repaired for $150, which is a pretty steep price.

Then, they can buy the box and repair it for $250.

Mihilks service is free and does not include a cleaning fee. 

If you want to keep the old box, Mihi says you’ll pay $25 for the box itself and $30 for the warranty.

The box is then returned to the shop for a full refund. 

But Mihik said he has had clients complain to him that they wanted to buy the boxes because they didn’t have the money to do a full repair.

For the most part, customers have come in with their own items, and Mihim has seen some items that were missing.

He said he’s gotten a lot of complaints about the quality of the work done by the service.

Some of the boxes have been cracked, some have been broken and some are cracked on both sides.

In the case of the broken boxes, Middalik said, the customer has been able to get a refund of the cost of the replacement.

The service does have some drawbacks.

One is that customers need to bring their own tools, which can be expensive.

And the company does not offer a cash back guarantee.

One of the biggest downsides of buying from Wal-Martin is that the prices aren’t as good as other stores. 

While it’s not clear how many people have been able the repair at the shop, Muhi said he expects to see a steady increase in business in the coming months.

As for the customers who have taken to the service, Miahlik said they seem to be mostly male.

And he said that’s likely because the customer base is mostly men.

Mihilik said the company has received so many complaints about how he’s been treated, that he decided to open his own jewelry repair shop to try to change the image.

 “There’s a whole lot of people who are out there that have a little bit of an attitude and just want to be treated well,” he added.