October 1, 2021

Walmart has teamed up with the online retailer Pandora Jewelry to offer shoppers a $1,500 discount on all their jewelry.

The online retailer announced Thursday that the new offer will be available on January 31st and is available for $1 on the following categories: Jewelry, Accessories, Home Goods, Home Decorations, Jewelry and Accessories, Watches, Watched by Celebrities, Watchels, and Jewelry Jewelry.

The new offer, which is available on Walmart.com starting January 31, is available to both US residents and residents of Puerto Rico.

The offer will last through January 28, 2020, and the Walmart coupon code will be valid for two weeks.

Wearables have been on the rise, and now it seems like there are more than enough ways to keep your feet dry in a world where there are so many things to wear.