September 26, 2021

Brighton jewelry stand and jeweler Harris Jewelers is set to close a new store in Brighton.

The company said it had been in negotiations with the council since March but has now closed the shop after the council voted against extending the closure period.

Brighton Council voted to extend the closure date for Harris, which has been in the business since 2003, from 30 December.

Brightoun Council voted against expanding the closure.

Brightonshire Council is the county’s government.

Brightontoun Council is responsible for the county.

Brighton Borough Council is in charge of the boroughs south and west.

Brightsides Council is set up by the county to manage the county, including local councils, police and fire services.

Brightongate, the county seat of Brighton and Hove, is home to many of the major commercial buildings in the county and the county boroughs.

Brightonden, a town outside the county which lies in the east of the county that lies to the north of the council’s office, has a population of just over 4,000 and a median household income of £34,000.