September 20, 2021

A ring that’s used to hold ashes and ashes ashes matter is considered a cremation item.

In Arizona, ashes and dust are considered cremated materials, which are subject to additional regulations in that state.

In California, ashes are cremated when they reach the bottom of a cremator, but are left on the ground, with the ashes still inside, under the ashtrays.

In New York, ashes aren’t considered ashes unless they reach a “furnace,” a container with a built-in chimney.

If they’re left in the ground in a trash bin, they’re considered a non-residual item.

According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, ashes can be treated like ashes.

If the ashes are placed in a crematorium, the state says, “a cremation facility must take all reasonable steps to prevent the cremation of the ashes from becoming a hazardous waste.”

If a funeral home, crematorium or burial ground wants to take ashes for disposal, it has to follow regulations.

The state also sets a minimum disposal time for ashes: 30 days.

In Arizona, that time can be extended to a month.

In Texas, cremation facilities are required to keep ashes on the premises for the proper time period.

According a spokesman for the Texas Department of State Health Services, the ashes can’t be sent to the landfill unless they’re at the top of the crematorium.

“They’re not to be disposed of in the landfill until the time of burial is up,” the spokesman said.

In other states, ashes in the mail are considered recyclable and can be returned to the person who received them, according to the American Lung Association.

But in Arizona, Arizona State University spokeswoman Julie Crouch said, “There’s no way to know if the ashes were actually taken to a landfill or if they were cremated and then sent to a waste disposal facility.”

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