September 13, 2021

Jewelry boxes are up for auction on eBay, with the owner looking to cash in on a trend that has been going on for years.

The new owner of the Jewelry Box on Main Street in London has already been making his mark on the retail world.

It started in 2010, when he was offered a box of watches and jewelry by a company in Germany.

When he refused, they made him an offer to buy them for $100,000.

In 2015, he opened up a shop at the front of a supermarket in London, and has been selling jewelry ever since.

There are about 50 different items in his shop, including watches, jewelry and other collectibles.

Now, he wants to cash out on a popular trend that started in Germany and now has reached the UK.

“I’m really happy to see a lot of interest in this,” he told the Sunday People.

“There’s been a lot more interest from different countries and cultures and it’s nice to be able to sell something that you’ve worked so hard on and have a really good sales pitch.

The Box has been sold and is going to be auctioned off in February.”

The box was purchased by the owner of Jewelrybox on Main St, in London’s Docklands, on January 25.

His shop was previously sold to a private collector and he has only recently started making use of the business.

He said he was inspired to make jewelry after seeing an old advertisement in the local paper of an old woman selling her old watch for a whopping $100k.

She went on to sell her old bracelet for $400,000 and had a good collection of vintage jewellery and watches.

With his new shop, he plans to continue making his collection available to the public and to have his work made available to anyone who needs it.

The owner said he would continue to offer free, one-off events to people in need of his services.

Jewelrybox will be auctioning off a box with a beautiful antique ring on the back, and will also be selling a necklace and bracelet.

Auctioneers were contacted for comment.

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