September 9, 2021

If you’ve ever seen a jewelry sale online, chances are you’ve seen one of the words james the Avery jewelry store. 

Avery jewelry was established in 1966 by Avery brothers James and J.B. As soon as James and his brother J.A. became aware that they could get into jewelry making, they immediately knew they wanted to make jewelry. 

“They said, ‘We want to do jewelry,'” James Avery said. 

The brothers bought a shop in the small town of Ogdensburg, Pa. 

By 1970, the Averys had their own shop, where they made jewelry and other jewelry items. 

But by 1973, the Ayers had their eyes on the jewelry business and decided to expand their shop to a bigger store. 

 “When we opened our shop, it was called Avery Jewelry,” James Avery recalled. 

 “It was in the shop and we called it the Avery Jewelers.” 

After buying a shop, James and J, Avery began selling their products. 

Their products included pandoras, necklaces, rings, neck rings, earrings, neck bands, neck bracelets, neck jewelry, and necklifts. 

In 1977, the brothers opened the Avery Brothers Jewelers, located in the same building, and began selling items designed by Avery and other Avery designers. 

At the Avery Bros. Jewelers in St. Louis, James Ayer’s sons Joseph and James Avery also started the Avery Broads, which opened in 1982 and continues today. 

Now, James Avery is selling his own jewelry.

The jewelery store has become an important part of Aryan history. 

For example, in 2017, James made an announcement that he was selling his entire jewelry collection to Nadia and Boris Dovidovich for $7.5 million. 

They also are part of the Cascadia Jewellers of America. 

After James Avery died, his collection was sold to the James Avery Collection of Jewelers in New York City. 

James Ayre’s jewellery has since been loved by fans of the show, and many of them have used it to decorate their homes and to decoratively decorate their clothes. 

However, the Averys jewelry has also been the subject of controversy. 

One of the most infamous instances was when Atheys collection of jewelry was vandalized with graffiti on the Pelican Point Eclipse in 2019. 

That vandalism led to the arrests of Drew Kessler, Christopher Mulligan, and Joshua Lemmer. 

There was also a sexual assault in the Avery broads in 2018 that also resulted in the arrests and conviction of Kirk and Molly Atherton. 

This incident also left James and his wife Jane Aleyton shocked and angered by what they called a sexual assault against their daughters. 

Keen to clean up their image, Away Ayes and his wife Jane  Kessler attempted to recover their tarnished jewels. 

And they did. 

According to Jane Aleyton, Jane was taken aback when Kenny Aleys briefly announced that the Bryant Brothers and the Granite Ridge Boys would be selling their jeweled collection to the Avery’s on August 6, 2019.

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