August 26, 2021

The Best Jewelry Brands for Hip Hop, Hip Hop Style is a feature series looking at the top hip hop jewelry brands.

Today, we’re going to be looking at a few of the best hip hop style jewelry brands and how they’ve impacted the world of hip hop. 


KISS In 1989, Kanye West’s father, Dr. Dre, purchased a small jewelry store in New York City called KISS. 

The shop was known as the “Dre-Kiss” store, but it also opened as a pop-up shop in 1989 in Brooklyn, New York, which is now home to the hip hop music scene known as Brooklyn-Queens. 

This was the first of many pop-ups in the city, and the stores’ name was synonymous with pop-culture icons like Madonna, Madonna, Snoop Dogg, and Jay-Z. 

In the 1990s, KISS moved to Atlanta and eventually expanded to the United States, but the store was still located in New Jersey, where Kanye’s father is now from. 

Today, Kiss is one of the most prominent pop-music venues in the world, but its roots in New Brunswick are undeniable. 


The Gap In 1986, hip hop icon and producer Dr. Luke opened a clothing store in Los Angeles. 

He opened his store in 1986, and his legacy lives on through his clothing lines, which include Gap and Tommy Hilfiger. 

Dr. Luke’s influence has been felt throughout the hip-hop industry, from the popular rappers like Nas and Snoop, to the artists who are now influencing the fashion industry like YG and Future. 

Gap also has a history of making some of the highest-quality designer clothing, and it has helped to redefine the style of hip-hopping, and hip-Hop in general. 


Forever 21 In 2007, Forever 21 opened in New Orleans. 

It was the beginning of a trend for clothing stores that were built around hip hop culture, but soon, other designers started to branch out from their home base. 

Fashion designers like Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, and Marc Jacobs Alexander Wang, to name a few, began opening stores in the U.S.A. They were able to expand their influence by doing this through their signature line, the Forever 21 line, which became the go-to brand for designers who wanted to keep their own unique style, while also looking to the American fashion market. 


The Dents at Zara In 2003, Zara opened its first retail store in the United Kingdom. 

Zara’s name literally translates to “dents in the sand”, and it’s a reference to the beach. 

A lot of young people in the country began to become obsessed with beach, and in 2007, the store opened its doors to the world. 


Nike Nike has a huge influence on the hip hip hop scene, especially in the UK and United States. 

When the first Nike shoe hit the market in the early 2000s, the company had a huge impact on the fashion world.

Nike is one the biggest companies in the sneaker world today, and its influence in hip hop is undeniable.

The company also has been credited with popularizing the concept of “nike” and the concept that you should never be ashamed of your body, even if it’s the size of your fist. 


H&M H&M has been an influential force in the fashion game for decades, and they continue to be a powerful force in fashion in the US and abroad. 

H+M has made fashion synonymous with luxury and exclusivity, and with the company’s iconic brand, H&M, designers can now go outside the realm of fashion and create unique clothing. 7.


Crew In 1996, J. Crew opened its own flagship store in Paris, and this store is still one of J. Crow’s most famous stores, but for many designers, the brand has evolved beyond being a luxury brand to become a more mainstream fashion brand. 


Crew’s iconic logo has become synonymous with chic and glamorous fashion, and many designers use this logo in their clothing designs, from J. Cole’s signature jackets, to Valentino’s signature dresses, to Louis Vuitton’s signature shoes. 


JCPenney The JCPennney brand has grown to become one of most iconic and recognizable brands in the hip Hop community. 

Like its namesake, JCPene, the JCP brand is synonymous with cool, but with a hip hop twist. 

While JCP is known for its iconic clothing, the stores are known for their hip hop apparel. 


Calvin Klein Calvin Klein has long been considered one of hiphop’s most influential designers, and for good reason. 

From the beginning, Calvin Klein was known for producing high

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