August 17, 2021

When you want a piece of jewelry that will last for years, you don’t get one that is the size of your hand.

When you need a piece that will hold up for years and years, a diamond engagement ring is a good choice.

You can get a diamond, an emerald, or a sapphire.

When it comes to jewelry that is timeless, durable, and beautiful, Zales jewelry has it all.

David Yurman, founder of Zales, is one of the best sellers of modern, handmade diamond engagement rings in the United States.

I met David Yurgans father when he was a young boy.

He was an architect and had designed the city’s subway system.

He taught me about the diamond and gave me a new appreciation for the beauty of diamonds.

We began to build a relationship, and we bought a diamond from him.

The jewel was a beautiful piece that was beautiful in every way.

We wanted to keep it forever, so I had it engraved.

The stone was a bit of a work in progress, so we kept the diamond in a beautiful metal case in my home, which was the first thing that I ever did when I became a jewelry designer.

After we purchased it, we kept it in a glass case that I had in the closet.

I took a jeweler’s class in Paris, and I would see him, take him to a jewelers show, and he would show me a diamond.

I’d take a look at the stone, and it would be so beautiful.

That was my first impression.

When I had a client come to me with a problem, I could tell I wanted something with a little bit of grit in it, and that was what I wanted in my jewelry.

When we started selling our jewelry, I was amazed that we could sell something that was so beautiful and so beautiful in a very modern way.

I felt like it had something special.

So I wanted to create something that I could wear forever.

Zales is a jewel designer whose clients range from celebrities to military personnel.

They specialize in modern, timeless pieces of jewelry, but they also offer a wide selection of other designs, including diamonds and sapphires.

One of the most important things about an engagement ring or diamond is that it should last for many years.

If it has a life span of more than 10 years, it’s not a diamond anymore.

So we created a ring with a life expectancy of five years or less, and now that we have that in a jewel, we’re proud to offer a lifetime guarantee.

David also designed a bracelet for me, and after the bracelet is worn for a year, I feel that it has been worth a lifetime.

I have a great relationship with the company because it is based in the city of Philadelphia, where we work.

I love working with David, and the fact that we are both very talented designers, gives us the ability to be a little more independent.

It’s very important for us to be able to do that, because if we weren’t, we wouldn’t be able do what we love.

David’s father was a professional jeweler, and as a child he always loved to make jewelry, and eventually he started making his own jewelry, including his own rings.

In 1976, when he got the job at Zales as a jewel cutter, he decided that he wanted to be the best in the business.

David was very competitive.

He wanted to make a lot of jewelry.

I always loved working with him, and so when he came to us with the idea of designing an engagement bracelet for my daughter, I immediately knew we had a winner.

I immediately called him and asked him to come and help us with this idea.

It took him two weeks to make the bracelet, and then he got to work.

He worked for two weeks making the bracelet and he put it together on the first day.

Then he had to do some assembly work, so that he could put the bracelet on my daughter’s wrist.

We had to wait for two more weeks for the bracelet to arrive, and on the third day, it was already perfect.

It was beautiful.

I thought that it would last for a long time, but it lasted two weeks and it was absolutely beautiful.

After a couple of weeks of working with the designer, I decided that we should try it for ourselves.

When he came back, we went through a few iterations of it and he was absolutely satisfied with it.

The diamond is a bit more of a scratch than the other stones that we had made for the bracelets, but the diamond on the bracelet was so soft that it was actually a great piece to wear.

I think it’s the perfect size for my hand, because I don’t need to hold it in my hand.

I’m a bit bigger than average for a woman, so the bracelet works for me just fine.

I really like the shape

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