August 13, 2021

Trump bought jewelry from a private company and then “came out with a diamond,” according to a New York Times article.

Trump has never disclosed the exact price she paid for the diamond, but the Times article indicates that she was interested in purchasing the diamond for $200,000. 

The article says that Trump was “shocked” when she learned about the price she was paying. 

“Her response was to tell her husband, ‘I just bought a diamond for a lot less than I paid,'” the article quotes Trump’s longtime friend Michael Cohen.

“She was just stunned, and I think she was shocked at what she was doing.” 

The Times article suggests that Trump’s jewelry purchase was a direct result of her husband’s divorce. 

According to the article, when the couple split up in 2009, Trump became “very depressed, and he didn’t have much time for his own things,” according, to the Times. 

Trump then sold her jewelry business to her daughter Ivanka. 

When asked about the sale of her jewelry, a spokeswoman for Trump told the Times that the Trump Organization “is pleased that Ivanka and her family have made a successful transition into the private sector.” 

Trump did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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