August 11, 2021

What’s the difference between the NBA and Major League Baseball?

You don’t see it.

And that’s OK.

But it’s important to understand the difference.

Let’s talk about the differences in a quick refresher.

In the NBA, you’re on a team.

You’re wearing a jersey and shorts, your team logo on your shorts.

The players are on the court, and the fans are in the stands.

The goal is to score the most points, and there’s only one way to do that: shoot the ball from the left to the right, or shoot it from the right to the left.

This isn’t a basketball game, but the rules are very similar.

You can shoot from the free-throw line or from the foul line, and you can score with the dribble or the pass.

In other words, the ball is basically an object, and all players are responsible for hitting the ball.

The point is to shoot the basketball.

If you hit the ball correctly, it should come out of the basket with a little bit of bounce, and it should bounce nicely.

That bounce should help the defender who’s guarding you, so that you can finish.

You’ll also want to avoid any contact from teammates, as well as from any other player in the vicinity of the ball, and any referees.

If your team’s shooting, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not fouling anyone.

When the ball goes out of bounds, you have to get back onto the court and finish the play.

If a player misses a shot, you can take a charge on the shot, but only if it’s a free throw attempt.

If that shot is a miss, the shooter is responsible for making a free pass to the shooter on the other team’s team.

If the shooter misses, you don’t have to foul him, but you’ll still need to make the free pass.

If he misses, he’ll have to go to the free throw line.

If it’s an offensive foul, he can either take a free kick, or he can go to a free-throws line.

In both cases, you need to get to the foul lines.

And if you do, you should foul the opposing player.

The ball is supposed to go out of your basket and into the basket, but if you’re fouled, you must go to your teammates.

You cannot get back on the floor and shoot again until the ball leaves the court.

The NBA doesn’t make a rule about how many free throws you have, but there are several different ways you can foul someone who is fouling you.

First, there are two different fouls that are common in basketball: a foul when the ball bounces off the court into the air, and a foul called when the player attempts a steal.

In this case, the player who attempted a steal has to try to get the ball off the floor before it hits the rim, and once it does, it’s off the rim.

If they succeed, they can take it and score.

But if they fail, they’ll get a foul for a foul on the player on the opposing team who attempted the steal.

The other type of foul is called when you intentionally make contact with another player.

In basketball, the goal is not to make contact, but to get into contact with the opponent, and if you make contact the opponent gets a foul.

A player who is intentionally fouled on a basketball play has two options: he can take one of two shots, or if he misses the shot he can dribble the ball and take two free throws.

The player who misses the free throws gets a free shot, and he can choose to either take one or the other.

The free throws are worth a point if they’re on the free side, but a free point is worth a negative number of points.

In a basketball court, the opponent’s team is usually the one taking the shot.

So, in a basketball foul, if the shot is attempted by the opposing players, the defender has to get close enough to the basket to make a steal, or they can make a charge, or both.

A foul on a shot in the paint is usually called when there’s contact with someone who’s on the defensive side of the court (the opponent’s bench).

The ball’s going into the paint, and that player has to make two free throw attempts.

If one of the attempts is successful, he scores.

If not, he doesn’t score.

This foul doesn’t involve contact with anybody else, and therefore doesn’t have a penalty.

The third type of play is called by the referee after a play has ended.

This is a play in which a player makes contact with a player on his team who is in the process of getting a free dunk, and then the ref calls a foul and calls it a foul, because the player that made contact with him

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