August 10, 2021

CenK Uygurs “CenK” is going to be one of the stars of “Black Mirror,” the popular anthology series that explores the mind of a man whose brain is being invaded by computer technology.

He will be featured as a member of the cast in the upcoming season, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Uygurt, who is best known for hosting the show’s satirical news show “The Leftovers,” will star opposite Charlie Brooker, the executive producer of the upcoming third season.

Ugyur, who has a show on HBO, will direct the third season with Brooker in a deal that was first reported by Variety.

He previously co-starred in the HBO comedy “The Mindy Project.”

The news comes amid a slew of recent casting announcements, including the departure of showrunner Doug Chin and series regular Michael Stuhlbarg.

Uyur’s casting was first revealed last week by the “Black Book,” which also featured Danny Masterson, who plays a man who becomes part of a conspiracy against his creator.

The show is set to premiere in 2019.

Uyser was previously rumored to be in talks to play a member in a science fiction show called “Gods and Monsters.”

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