June 20, 2021

When jewelry appraisalist Lisa Lopes said she couldn’t find the “missing” necklace in a jewelry cabinet, the appraiser was right.

The jewelry expert says she has a lot of work to do, but she has an ace up her sleeve.

“I have a diamond ring, so I know it’s a diamond,” Lopes, owner of Lopes Jewelry in San Jose, California, said.

The expert who said she had no clue the jewelry was missing had been working with her for the past two years.

Lopes bought the jewelry in 2010 for $6,400 and it sat in her closet for nearly two years before she noticed the missing jewelry.

The jeweler says she noticed a small hole in the top of the ring when she looked through her jewelry cabinet.

“It was very small,” she said.

“You know, you don’t usually see that.”

Lopes told CBS San Jose that she noticed something was off when she first saw it, and she contacted a jewelry specialist.

“They said, ‘No, no, you can’t see that.

That’s a jewel.’

And I said, okay, well I can see it, but I can’t do anything with it,” Lamps said.

Lamps jewelry specialist, Tracey Hockenberry, confirmed Lopes jewelry was a diamond.

“The jewelry was made in Italy,” she told CBS.

“When I saw the diamond ring and the diamond she had it, I knew she had the missing piece.”

Lamps experts said that it is rare for a diamond to have a hole in it, because a diamond is not a solid object.

“So it’s not really a diamond, it’s just a piece of metal,” Lams jewelry specialist Tracey told CBS News.

Lams jeweler said that the jewelry expert told her the diamond was a “silver ring.”

“When you say that a diamond would have a silver ring, I can tell you that it does, so that’s not a problem,” Lamped said.

She said that she had a lot more work to complete and was planning to have the jewelry appraised again.

“We’re going to have to do a lot for this ring,” Lamp said.