June 19, 2021

You’ve got to know the right people to organize African jewelry.

Here are a few tips for organizing your African wedding, wedding jewelry and accessories.

The African wedding organizer will help you organize your wedding with ease.


Know the rules of the game 1.

Organize your wedding using the rules from the African wedding organizers book.

These rules will help keep the whole thing organized and avoid the inevitable mistakes that may come up. 2.

Create a calendar 2.

Find the best place to hold the reception and reception party, and organize everything according to the theme 3.

Make sure the venue is ready for the reception 4.

Keep your dress code clear 5.

Know where the reception will be held, and where the vendors are 6.

Organise the reception party and make sure everyone is there 7.

Check on the reception area, and make it clean 8.

Find out if there is enough space for the people in your group 9.

If there are no vendors to be found, ask a friend to find them 10.

Ask for the names of the vendors 11.

Get your venue’s permit, if necessary 12.

Organizing the reception can be tricky because there are lots of rules, so read through the rules to be sure you’re following them.

There are also plenty of resources online to help you make your own African wedding plan, including the guidebook, Wedding Planning for Africa by Nelba, which will guide you through the process of organizing a wedding.

There is also an African wedding planner on Facebook that will help with organizing your wedding, but you will need to get permission from the wedding director before it can be shared with you.

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