June 18, 2021

There are many reasons to be wary of Macys jewellery, from the price tag to the questionable quality of the pieces.

The latest issue of the jewelry magazine Diamante featured a post by Macys senior editor, Yair, which was accompanied by a photo of a macys holder that had a ring engraved with the words “Mensi ha-Mizrachi”.

The post had a few more details about the macys holders, including the fact that the design features a rose and a small pearl.

The photo was shared widely on social media, with many people commenting on its authenticity and the price point.

Some even questioned its authenticity, as the holder’s color was slightly yellowish.

Others noted that the photo was not a genuine Macys holder.

However, the post’s authenticity was verified by a Macys representative who told The Jerusalem Mail that the item was genuine.

A Macys spokesperson told The Post that it is not responsible for any false or misleading information posted online.

The spokesperson said that the company will take action against anyone who tries to defraud consumers.

In addition to the photo, Diamantistas post also included some comments by Diamantes staff.

They said that while the Macys holders are genuine, they were sold by a second party.

“This is a case where the seller is actually selling fake Macys Jewelers,” the spokesperson told the newspaper.

“They sell the same thing, but without a genuine company name.”

The spokesperson did not provide further information on the sellers’ identities.

However, the spokesperson also said that Macys will not be liable for any damages caused by consumers who purchase counterfeit Macys items.

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